m Cubed Hygiene was acquired in October 2007, we have now been in the cleaning services industry for over 20 years. We are committed to supplying customers top quality services and products. We offer cleaning and hygiene services to a wide range of industries including: Industrial, Commercial, Retail, Food, Hospitality and Residential.

m Cubed recognise that our staff is our strength and we keep our teams motivated with various monthly performance based incentives. We are constantly striving to perfect our services to customers by frequently training and developing of our staff's skills in our "Skills Development Program".

Service Offering


m Cubed Hygiene allows companies to focus all their attention on their core business by attending to the day to day cleaning and maintaining of their premises. We place professionally trained staff at your premises and manage them for you eliminating the loss of your productivity.

We structure a specialised scope of work for your specific requirements and provide our staff all the necessary equipment needed to maintain a very high level of cleanliness.

We take care of all your hygiene requirements including the cleaning and sanitation of Ablution blocks and change rooms, supplying of bathroom dispensers, disposers and consumable, cleaning and sanitising of canteens and kitchens, maintaining of gardens and car parks.

All staff are constantly rated by managers who provide regulars site inspections to ensure high standards are maintained. We promote a friendly and relaxed working environment for you by reducing the need for your staff to worry about the hassle of managing a "cleaning team"


Our telescopic, water-fed window cleaning equipment can clean windows as high as 45 feet without the need for ladders or scaffolding. With this high end equipment, we can make your windows and frames sparkle without streaking or beading. All those double or triple volume spaces now no longer need to be seen as a cleaning nightmare.

The frequency of cleaning intervals is based on your location and surroundings and one of our trainer managers will advise you on the best interval for you.

This form of window cleaning is suitable for;

  • Residential homes with double or triple volume spaces
  • Vehicle showrooms
  • Corporate offices
  • Store front windows
  • Hospitals
  • Signage, Awnings and Solar Panels


Moving in or out of a house or office is stressful enough! Allow our trained team of professionals to do the cleaning and sanitation work for you. We offer a service that allows you to simply move with your clothing and furniture, while you leave the rest to us. Imagine walking into a home that smells of ‘home’ rather than paint fumes. Imagine your pride when you leave a home in the condition that you would like to find it in. We do that for you!

This service includes:

  • Cleaning of all vertical and horizontal surfaces to eradicate dust and dirt
  • Cleaning of all cupboards, inside and out
  • Washing of windows, using our state of the art telescopic water-fed, window cleaning equipment (see window cleaning for more information)
  • Scrubbing floors and cleaning carpets
  • Polishing and buffing of steel surfaces, including door knobs, hand rails, fire places and braai areas
  • High pressure washing of garage spaces and cladded walls
  • Removing tape, plasters and markings from windows and window frames
  • Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms and kitchens


We’re here to make you sparkle!

We have a professional, trained team of ‘superwomen’ that will spring clean your home, getting to all those things that your regular domestic just doesn’t have enough time or hands to do.

This super team will come to your home once a month, on a day that suits you, armed with all the necessary detergents and equipment necessary. Using a proven colour coded system that eliminates cross contamination, they will disinfect bathrooms and kitchens, they will clean garages, they will reach elevated areas, covering patios, braai areas, lapas and so much more.

Our at home deep cleaning programme is designed specifically for your home, including window and carpet cleaning. The cost is calculated with your specific requirements and is a fixed monthly cost. Our teams will keep track of when last things were cleaned and when they are due to be cleaned again. You will be kept abreast of what will be happening at your home, via SMS, detailing the services that will be completed with each visit. Our trustworthy ladies will leave your home sparkling clean, making your house a home that sparkles.


This is a highly specialised service and it plays a fundamental role in the health of your employees. While visiting restrooms, employees place themselves at risk if there is no deep cleaning program in place. Studies have linked dirty restrooms with the infection and spread of many illnesses. Such illnesses could have a detrimental effect on your staff's ability to attend to their duties again resulting in a loss of both productivity and turnover.

Ablution blocks and Change rooms are cleaned and sanitised using specialised chemicals, equipment and techniques leaving all your restrooms hygienically cleaned and sanitised. We use a spray & wipe colour coded system to eliminate cross contamination. We will determine the required frequency of these cleans for you and provide you with a hygiene checklist and certificate with every service. There is a "10-point per unit" checklist that must be strictly followed by our deep cleaning team ensuring all surfaces are safe to the touch.


Whether it is carpets, couches or rugs, these areas are often the most difficult to clean yourself and often the most neglected due to the difficulty of cleaning them regularly.

Our trained team of professionals have the correct equipment and chemicals necessary to clean your carpets, couches and rugs right down to the fiber, with a guarantee to remove all household stains. All chemicals used in our service are hypoallergenic and fast drying, for your convenience.

Regular, professional cleaning of your carpets, rugs and couches not only has hygiene benefits, but assists those who may suffer with allergies due to dust.

We provide these services to:

  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Corporate
  • Conference centers
  • Hotels


m Cubed have a wide range of washroom products that can either be purchased on a rental or an outright purchase agreement. All units supplied on a rental basis are fully serviced by us and units that are fully purchased will be serviced by our on-site staff.

We have various ranges of the following dispensers

  • Liquid / Foam soap dispensers (Anti-Bac / Normal soap available) Liquid hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Paper hand towel dispensers
  • Toilet roll holders
  • Hot air driers
  • Sani-Bins with 7 / 14 day cycle
  • Automatic air freshener units and refills
  • Wall mounted and free standing Waste bins

We try to promote a "touch less" environment in all restrooms eliminating cross contamination and the unnecessary spreading of microbes. For paper and liquid consumables please see "Consumables and Chemicals"


We supply a full range of paper products at very competitive prices. We can build these costs into a specialised service contract or supply them as a pay as you use basis.

These paper products include:

  • 1 /2 / 3-ply Bathroom tissue
  • A wide variety of rolled and folded 1 / 2-ply paper Hand towels
  • A wide variety of jumbo paper rolls i.e. Petrol station rolls
  • A wide variety of fabric wipes / cloths
  • 2-ply Facial wipes

We use chemicals that are both SABS approved and biodegradable. We support the proudly South African initiative. We have chemicals for all industries including Industrial, Commercial, Retail, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, carwash etc. These chemicals are available on account or on a cod basis. Please contact us for a list of chemicals available


We feel that we specialize in cleaning, for this reason we have a partnership with a leading Pest control specialist. They will come to you on our behalf and survey your premises.

They will assess the risk and take the necessary steps to keep your Building, Warehouse and surrounding areas pest free. They provide a checklist with every service and inform you about your current infestation and risks for any visible future infestations.


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